Drive software delivery with specs, not tickets.

XSpecs lets your entire team collaborate over long-lived specs that become the center of your product delivery lifecycle.


The Spec-Driven Revolution

We want to live in a world where every software product is built right the first time round.
We envision a future where every single requirement is unambiguous and understood.
We believe everyone should have end-to-end visibility into the entire software delivery lifecycle.
We call for discoverable documentation that is plain effortless to keep up to date.

No more misunderstandings, no more ephemeral tickets, no tribal knowledge,
and no disconnect between team members.

We’re on a mission to change the software development world and make this vision a reality.
That’s why we built XSpecs—the Spec-Driven Delivery platform.


A single source of truth
for all your specs.

Instead of being thrown away with tickets or buried in a wiki, your specs can now live in a single space, regardless of their format and the tools you use. Closing the gap between the discovery phase and actual delivery, XSpecs allows you to drive software design, development, testing, and maintenance with long-lived specs that double up as documentation of your product which is always up-to-date.


Team-wide collaboration
over the SDLC.

XSpecs isn’t yet another developer tool. It is THE Spec-Driven Delivery Platform, bringing together product owners, business analysts, designers, developers, and QAs to easily collaborate over specs for shared understanding and end-to-end visibility. With everyone on the same page, XSpecs reduces your time-to-market while increasing software quality. Further, it enables seamless handovers and replaces any tribal knowledge with specs as a single source of truth.


Extract specs directly
from your code.

Introducing our game-changing AI solution that seamlessly extracts specifications from your code, delivering unparalleled insights into your system, giving your team a flying start. Bid farewell to time-consuming spec retrieval from tickets, endless documents, or email threads. Our AI consistently updates your specs and notifies you of any code lacking them, guaranteeing a single source of truth for brownfield and greenfield projects alike. Embrace the future of project management with our advanced AI technology today.


Join the Spec-Driven Revolution

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